Blundstone #1313 - Pebbled Leather Chisel Toe (Brown)


Blundstone #1313 - Pebbled Leather Chisel Toe (Brown)

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New for 2017/2018, the pebbled leather Blundstones take the classic leather lined Blundstone boot and gives it the opposite of a face lift. The leather upper has a new textured/tumbled finish that will give every pair a unique look.

The following is a rough guide for sizing yourself for a Blundstone:
The chisel toe boots (#067#068#1306#1308, #1309#1313, and #1395) tend to fit a bit bigger than other Blundstones because of the square toe box.
For the chisel toe boots
For women, subtract about 3 sizes from your North American size, and for men subtract about 1.5 sizes from your North American size.

*The sizes we have listed are Blundstone boot sizes.