Blacksmith 3345 (Black Prairie) - Red Wing

Red Wing

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The Blacksmith is a ruggedly handsome, 6 inch boot by Red Wing. In this beautiful new black prairie leather, it can dress up or down depending on the occasion. The slick looking black leather with brown edging ensures a very versatile look. The boot features classic durable Red Wing leather and a Vibram outsole for improved traction in less than ideal conditions.

The Blacksmith is available at Glebe Trotters, your biggest Red Wing dealer in Eastern Ontario.


The Red Wing Heritage boots use the U.S sizing scale for fitting. We find most of our Red Wing boots fit a little generous, so we recommend sizing down a bit. If you are basing your size off an athletic shoe (ie. Nike/Adidas/Reebok etc. runners) we recommend usually 1 full size down. If you are basing your size off a non-athletic shoe (ie. dress shoe or casual walking shoe), we recommend starting with a half size down. Obviously this is a rough estimation on our part as everybody's foot is a little different.

Refer to our Sizing Charts if you are having any trouble figuring out your size.

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