Diamond Leather "Slimwallet" - Secrid


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The "Slimwallet" by Secrid is a Red Dot award-winning, RFID-safe (cards can't be "hacked") wallet designed and produced in the Netherlands. Compact and safe, yet stylish and spacious, it is easy to see why Secrid wallets are becoming one of the most popular worldwide. The "Slimwallet" has no buckle closure, whereas its brother (the "Miniwallet") does feature a buckle.

The Diamond leather is a corrected-grain European leather (imperfections are manually removed), made in Italy. It features a detailed embossing of a geometric micro-pattern and from certain angles it appears as if the wallet is almost glowing.

All Secrid wallets are available at Glebe Trotters' physical location (860 Bank St., Ottawa, ON) as well.

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