Roller (Crazy Horse) - JMB/King Mountain


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Roller (Crazy Horse) - JMB/King Mountain




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      From the man who made it, James Michael Brooks:

      "I remember making this belt for the first time back in the 80's, and how excited I was to find this buckle. As it became a popular look it soon could be seen on all the major labels but with one major difference. Our buckle was cast out of solid stainless steel and theirs were soft metal castings that were plated to look like pewter with a flimsy tongue that you could break or bend with a pair of pliers. Good luck with a cast stainless steel harness buckle made for lifetime of service. The classic Roller was to be a great belt that did it all. My design moved the keeper right up against the buckle, shortening the bulge and creating a cleaner look."

      All the holes are spaced at 3/4" instead of the 1" standard, improving the overall fit by not having to settle for too loose or too tight. The edges are hand-finished with a six step process that promises to be durable. The Roller measures 1.25" in width and features a tough brass buckle and hardware, as well as rusticated "crazy horse" brown leather, completed with a constrast stitch.

      If you're looking for boots to match, may we suggest the #585 or #1306.

      Available at Glebe Trotters.

      *Sizing recommendation: We generally recommend to add 2 sizes to your usual pant waist size to find your belt size, which will allow you some leeway as to which holes you would like to use. That being said, some of us here have the same size belt and pant waist and it seems to work out all right.

      *The belt you receive may come with a different logo than the one in the picture. JMB Canada and King Mountain Leather Goods are run by the same person, and because they make some of the same products under both names, our inventory generally has a combination of several logos.

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